Consulting Services

Delivering High Quality Work in a Timely Manner

In addition to legal counsel, Samaan Ziadeh & Partners Law Firm has a second wing of proficiency: legal consulting services. Our services fit the needs of local non-profits, international NGOsdonor-funded project offices, and other clients. The services include: accessing justice, offering technical advice, and conducting research in international law, or case law. 

Through the deep connection of our attorneys to legal research, our involvement with international actors (such as UN agencies, international NGOs, and Palestinian civil society), and our internship program specializing in research, the firm provides robust legal training, research, and drafting services. 

Our team is equipped to provide high quality technical assistance in various areas that include: providing trainings, creating manuals or curricula, designing strategies, conducting multi-jurisdictional surveys, and drafting policy papers relating to Palestinian legislative review, statutory legal research, or national legislation reviews in lieu with international standards. Those services are offered in addition to legal standard services that include preparing agreements, memoranda of understanding, powers of attorney – in both Arabic and English.

Finally, our team is primed to represent international NGOs as clients in cases of litigation before Palestinian courts.

Legal Translation

One of the main legal consulting services offered is legal translation. Translating technical reports, studies and research for national or international clients are key. Some clients include the Palestinian Bar Association (PBA), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Birzeit University, UN Women, Witness International, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR). Our team provides translation of legal instruments including court decisions, decrees, powers of attorney, investigations, and autopsy reports.

The staff’s experience extends beyond the office. Some of our staff’s highlights, include teaching university-level courses on Legal Terminology. While other successes include creating the Legal Terminology Curriculum for various professional degrees at Birzeit University and Palestinian Judicial Training Institute (PJI).

Our team is ready to assist clients – including those in diaspora – in Arabic or English with quality and timely translation.