Public Interest

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others”

– Brian Tracy, Author & Motivational Speaker

In addition to offering our legal services, Samaan Ziadeh & Partners Law Firm recognizes the constructive role of law in building a better society, and actively uses its resources to support projects, pro-bono services, and legal aid to improve: human rights, the rule of law, and the judicial system in Palestine. 

Our firm has successfully allocated resources annually to provide free and adequate legal assistance to those in need – with special focus on the most marginal segments of the Palestinian society, including illiterate and impoverished women, religious minorities, workers and financially disabled citizens. Our team practices impact litigation, legal aid, and lawyering to address social and legal issues such as: achieving women’s rights, establishing the need for an independent judiciary, and offering representation to some of Palestine’s most marginalized communities. 

While understanding our role as active members in the Palestinian legal sphere, our team has successfully and continuously supported the Palestinian Bar Association (PBA) to help further upgrade the legal profession in Palestine and support the advancement of its functions. 

Our Staff’s Contributions

Mr. Ziadeh has served over the past 3 years as a member of the PBA Ethics and Discipline Council. Through the disciplinary council, he assisted in resolving conflict arising between lawyers and adjudicating complaints.

Ms. Jallad Charpentier has contributed chiefly to the technical and infrastructural support of the PBA, through proposal writing and fundraising. She assisted the PBA in securing multi-million-dollar grants to construct its new premises in the City of Ramallah, and supported the creation of a specialized Training Institute for Palestinian Lawyers. Jallad Charpentier co-prepared the first strategic plan for the PBA and co-drafted the Palestinian Lawyers’ Code of Ethics. She previously served as a member of the Palestinian National Committee to modify the Palestine Child Law.

Ms. Rishek was commissioned by the PBA to provide free legal representation of vulnerable and financially disempowered individuals in criminal cases.